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BCI Construction Ryan Cross

Ryan Cross
CEO and President of BCI Construction

25 Going on 5

Twenty-five years ago, BCI was built. Five years ago, BCI was reignited with new ownership and a new way of approaching commercial construction. We’ve taken the best of our past and evolved into a company that’s more fearless, more transparent, more responsive, more innovative, more family-focused and more community-minded. And we’re just getting started.

Ryan Cross
CEO and President of BCI Construction

5 Years Bolder

Our clients want a partner who’ll look out for their best interests, proactively solve problems, bring innovative ideas, and make sure every detail is accounted for. They find those qualities in today’s BCI. In the past five years, we’ve come to the table with more can-do energy and an attitude that positions everyone for success—internally and externally. We’ve stepped into new markets, taken on nearly impossible challenges, and emerged as bolder contenders in Central Minnesota’s construction contracting space.

BCI Construction Employees

5 Years Brighter

In the past five years, we’ve built great things beyond our work portfolio. We’re intentional about creating a culture where employees feel valued, empowered and supported. We build strong partnerships with vendors and subcontractors based on trust and respect. And we build stronger communities by giving back at least 10% of our net income to local organizations that make lives brighter.

5 Years Smarter

Today’s BCI applies smarter best practices that deliver exceptional quality and service to our clients—from pre-construction to construction management and through the close-out. One of those practices is our “open book” approach that gives clients a transparent and detailed view of all costs upfront and throughout the project. By allowing our clients to actively oversee their investment, we establish a partnership built on collaboration and trust, and we help ensure their project stays true to their vision, priorities and budget.


5 Years Stronger

When you’re doing things right, it shows. Since 2017, we’ve experienced a 57% growth in revenue and a 35% growth in employment year-over-year. Today, BCI offers our clients the strength of 70 team membersincluding 45 field staffand more than 780 years of construction experience among our office and management teams.

Company History

Established as BOSER Construction with 3 employees

$25MM in revenue and $20MM bonding capacity; 40 employees

New ownership group led by employee Ryan Cross; company rebrands as BCI Construction, Inc.

BCI commits to giving back at least 10% of net income to the community

$50MM in revenue and $100MM bonding capacity

Procore becomes BCI’s construction management software

$73MM in revenue; 70 employees

Mora office opens to serve East Central MN

Put a bolder, brighter, smarter, stronger BCI to work for you.