Medical Carpenter

A Medical Carpenter is a person who will be working inside many of central Minnesota’s medical facilities. Most of these facilities will require vaccinations, knowledge of anterooms, ICRA, ILSM, negative air systems, and infection prevention systems. These carpenters will be responsible for building temporary partitions, anterooms, steel stud walls, drywall, taping, doors, hardware, cabinetry and finish carpentry all while maintaining a clean worksite and following hospital protocols.

Primary Duties:

  • Building temporary partitions to separate work areas from patient areas.
  • Laying out and erecting typical steel or wood stud wall assemblies.
  • Installing backing and blocking per plans and specs.
  • Installing hollow metal door frames.
  • Hanging and or taping of drywall.
  • Installing doors and door hardware.
  • Installing bathroom accessories and any owner-supplied items.
  • Up to date vaccinations necessary for site-specific facilities (i.e. Covid 19)
  • Knowledge of building and maintaining anterooms.
  • Knowledge of ICRA/ILSM standards, what they mean, and how to follow them.
  • Follow any and all HIPPA regulations.
  • Maintaining advanced cleanliness during all phases of the construction process.
  • Maintain and follow unique logistics protocols for each facility per project request.


Knowledge, Abilities, & Skills Required:

  • Successful experience working with and maintaining anterooms and negative air systems.
  • Knowledge of Infection Control Risk Assessments and Interim Life Safety Measures.
  • Ability to read and cross-reference a multitude of project plans and other project documents against work being installed and implemented
  • Ability to identify and communicate conflicts and/or synergies in the construction process
  • Ability to speak the English Language competently
  • Ability to show initiative around the project and corporate goals such as:
    • Willingness to learn and change existing processes
    • Undertake self-development activities
    • Take responsibility for project problems and share project success
    • Looks for, and takes advantage of, project opportunities for betterment that do not sacrifice ethical standards
    • Asks for help and seeks advice & guidance
  • Ability to work successfully with a multitude of team members
  • Ability to be an effective communicator
  • Exemplify strong interpersonal skills that are resolution oriented, ability to maintain confidentiality, good listening, emotional balance, general optimism, and willingness to learn
  • Ability to maintain clean and organized sites, job-site offices, and facilities
  • The ability to read, interpret and understand blueprints.
  • The ability to stand, bend, lift and stoop for extended periods of time.
  • Heavy lifting is required
  • The ability to take direction and orders in a way to achieve expected results without creating undue tensions and disturbance.


Education & Training Required:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Two (2) year degree in Carpentry or similar experience (preferred)
  • OSHA 30 Card (preferred)
  • The ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide sufficiently to ensure time cards and carpentry calculation accuracy


Working Conditions:

Construction sites are relatively unique situations in regard to typical work conditions.  Workers are exposed to cold weather conditions, hot weather conditions, non-level ground, moving mechanical equipment or other workers, high spaces, low spaces, fumes, airborne particles, exposure to shock, etc.  Strict policies and in place for these differing conditions, but employees must adhere to safety policies to protect them against the negative impacts of such exposures. 


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