Project Coordinator


  •  This Position Guide establishes and outlines the duties, responsibilities, and reporting relationships of the position of a Project Coordinator at BCI Construction, Inc. (BCI). The position guide provides an understanding of the expectations, and the means to measure performance and to ensure uniform work standards for this position.  This is an entry-level position into Project Management and/or Site Management for our construction logistics team.


Basic Function 

  • A Project Coordinator is responsible for updating, maintaining, and monitoring project plans, schedules, work hours, budgets, and other expenditures.  This will include working in all of BCI’s platforms to assure work is complete.
  • A Project Coordinator may also be assigned responsibility for ordering materials, managing small scopes of work within a project, and overseeing changes.



The basic responsibilities of a Project Coordinator are as listed below.  You will be introduced and begin leading how BCI does the following processes: 

  • Thoroughly plan, schedule, and manage all assigned projects to optimize efficiency of teams, labor, material, supplies, equipment and tools, sub-contractors, and Owner supplied equipment and materials
    • Meeting Minutes for job meetings
    • Requests for Information (RFI’s)
    • Plan creation & management
    • Drafting & implementing Scope
    • Creating Bid Packages
  • Participate in site surveys & walk throughs to identify potential efficiencies and cost savings
  • Attend pre-construction meetings with Site Leaders, Project Managers, and General Superintendent to hand-off all project information.
    • Project information will include scope of work, project schedule, plans; identify team members, budgeted hours, and any other relevant information to support the site leadership team. Also, a safety meeting is to be had to identify unique and project specific safety requirements
  • Direct and supervise activities of each project to achieve performance for quantity and quality of work. This includes on-site training, project scheduling, establishing project goals, and adhering to company and industry standards
  • Manage all assigned projects within project budget utilizing sub-contracts, purchase orders, and complete project billings and Cost to Complete reports with the Project Manager (or other assigned) through company documentation
  • Support project schedules to be delivered on time, and per contract and commitments. If delays occur, track causes, corrective actions and work with the customer to redefine acceptable deliveries
  • Prepare and monitor change orders to be sure they are accurate and billed in a timely manner
  • Educate and remain informed of new and existing construction codes, technologies, techniques, practices, and safety practices
  • Promote the company image through exercising sound, ethical business practices as they relate to customers, subcontractors, suppliers and the public. Avoid unnecessary conflicts to promote company efficiency
  • Represent the company favorably in public and support programs through various industry groups, government agencies, charities and volunteer events, etc.
  • Provide quality service and maintain healthy relationships with clients. Deliver information in a timely manner and when commitments were made.  Suggest ways the company and the clients can save money and/or time with out sacrificing quality
  • Ensure company safeguards its assets through proper use of contract documents and practices
  • Determine causes for financial negative variances within the project budgets and implement corrective actions as promptly as possible
  • Participate in a project close-out meeting with the Preconstruction Team and/or Project Manager, as well as the CEO and CFO on designated projects to identify issues with bids, unit pricing, or other recommendations, etc. to become a stronger team
  • Participate and support company in regards to procurement work as needed. This includes take-offs, reviews, acting in support or captain role, etc.  Projects will be assigned based on capacity, support, and/or client relationships
  • Follow all guidelines, policies, and procedures established by the company. If process’ need to be deviated, communicate directly with your Manager with item to decide as a team how it will be handled
  • Acknowledge the customer’s communications and personally resolve requests, complaints, conflicts, etc. in a timely manner
  • Establish and maintain a cooperative working relationship with BCI employees and all sub-contractors, vendors, and professional service providers
  • Work with professional service providers, contractors, sub-contractors, Owners, Inspectors, etc. to ensure that all applicable governing and company requirements relating to safety, health and environment are strictly adhered to and enforced
  • Complete any additional assignments as directed by the company

Position Requirements

The following physical and mental characteristics shall be considered necessary to perform the duties of Associate Project Manager:


  • Education:
    • Required: High School with trade or college Construction Management schooling
    • Preferred: College Degree in Construction Management, Construction Engineering, or similar program
  • Experience:
    • A minimum of two (2) years experience in the commercial construction industry
  • The ability to communicate with other employees in English sufficiently to understand and be easily understood.
  • The ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide sufficiently to figure normal carpentry calculations
  • The ability to read, interpret and understand construction contracts, plans, blueprints and specifications
  • The ability to foresee events and anticipate changes in conditions and operations and react to these appropriately
  • The ability to stand or sit for extended periods of time.
  • Working Conditions:
    • Office and field environments
    • Potential for extremes of temperature either hot or cold
  • There may be exposure to danger or hazardous conditions on construction sites
  • Strong software capabilities with the following programs:
    • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Project, & Outlook)
    • PDF suite’s such as Bluebeam by Revu
  • Ability to quickly learn take-off and Database programs such as On Screen Take-off and Sage


Download our job application form to apply in person or click the link below to apply online.