BCI Construction—Office & Site Expansion


  • Owner:  BCI Land Holdings, LLC
  • Design Build: BCI Construction, Inc.
  • Architect: GLT Architects

Project Facts

  • Sauk Rapids, MN
  • Completed March 1, 2021
  • Cost: $978,000
  • Addition: 2,453 square feet
  • Remodel: 3,676 square feet

Delivery Methods

  • Design Build

Team Results

Sometimes, you need to build for your own needs.  BCI has been successful the past five (5) years; so much so that their team growth was quickly outpacing their existing facility.  We needed substantially more office space, conferencing space, and a place we could all collaborate and share while solving our basic needs.  

We began the addition in the Spring of 2020 knowing we would always put our clients needs in front of ours.  Over the next year, and addition that complimented our existing structures was erected.  The site an much of it’s infrastructure needed a massive improvement from underground structures to treat our typically wet soils, a new septic system, a parking lot, and, to be a good neighbor, we invested heavily into the aesthetics and landscaping.  Today, you see plantings quickly growing, a full parking lot of asphalt, and something will last for many generations (or until the next addition needs to be done!).  

We especially focused on our interior and exterior.  We wanted something simple, but also show people what we are capable of.  This space is blend of simple, modern, yet features many upgrades to help show clients what is possible.  We have poured concrete sills and countertops in our entry way, we have distinct colored carpets that complement the business, and multiple wood species that accent each other positively.  We focused on the families of our employee’s and installed some kid areas featuring a custom Lego’s table (ok, that might be for Ryan), and a lounge area to watch Netflix and relax.

This space is really important to us.  We feel it reflects a lot about our culture, our energy, and our business.  Colors and finishes will come and go, but the team and togetherness feeling is something we want to last for a very, very long time.

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