Eich Mazda


  • Owner:  Eich Motor Company
  • Construction Manager at Risk: BCI Construction, Inc.
  • Architect: HMA Architects

Project Facts

  • St. Cloud, MN
  • Completed July 17, 2020
  • Cost: $4,750,395
  • 20, 101 square feet

Delivery Methods

  • Construction Manager at Risk

Team Results

The Eich family has been serving St. Cloud and Central Minnesota area since 1898 when A.A. Eich and Sons served with their wagon and buggy dealership in downtown St. Cloud.  With the introduction of the Studebaker commercially being distributed in 1912, the Eich family quickly became a player in the automotive industry.  

With a vast experience of selling many types of vehicles, Eich began selling Mazda in 1977 alongside their prominent Volkswagen line.  After spending several years in their old Studebaker building, and opportunity presented itself to build a brand-new dealership.  After a successful RFP response, BCI was actually not hired, but a connection was built.  Approximately two (2) months later, the opportunity presented itself again in an effort to help reduce project costs, and BCI seized the moment.  

The construction was simple but not something that is built everyday in St. Cloud.  A steel super structure was to be constructed and tied to a Pre-Cast service center.  The facility featured high curtain walls, high-end finishes, and more complex mechanical systems.  The striking contrasting features were the goal from the beginning, and BCI was able to navigate the difficult process of financials and logistics to make this project come out of the ground.  

This facility is simply gorgeous and will be one (1) of the greatest honors BCI had.  We feel we met a goal that we had long sought in our community with the type of client, the type of project, and the type of execution we have known we have been capable of.  We just merely needed the opportunity and we are so thankful we got it.

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