Krewe and Flour & Flower Bakery


  • Owner: Collegeville Properties
  • Design Builder: BCI Construction, Inc.
  • Tenants: Mateo Mackbee & Erin Rae
  • Architect: HL Architects

Project Facts

  • St. Joseph, MN
  • Completed 2019
  • Cost: $777,378
  • $181.25/SF
  • 3,665 square feet

Delivery Methods

  • Design Build Contractor

Team Results

The heritage of New Orleans and two amazing souls comes together in one  great place.  If you haven’t had the chance to try any of Chef Erin’s bakery creations, or any of Chef Mateo’s perfectly prepared courses, you are missing out.  The energy is vibrant and the food is amazing.  It is simply St. Joseph’s best restaurant. 

The couple approached BCI after a dinner experience they received at a local St. Cloud bistro; where the owner was so kind to pass on BCI’s information and recommendation.  Erin and Mateo had the vision of Krewe and Flour & Flower, they needed help turning  their dream into reality.  After carefully explaining the goals for their spaces, BCI went to work finding and matching great finishes for both spaces, building two  relatively open kitchens , and making sure the flow met the goals Erin and Mateo had to ensure the kind of dining experiences they had for their guests.  Today, we see a space that is far different than many others in Central Minnesota; festive finishes and colors synced with a view into an open kitchen allowing guests to watch the action.  It inspires you to just enjoy the moment.

If you are seeking a great meal, French style bakery, a great crafted coffee, or (and) a phenomenal cocktail, there may be no better place in all of Central Minnesota.  I promise you won’t regret it.

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