Quinlivan & Hughes, PA


  • Design-Build:
    BCI Construction, Inc.
  • Owner: Redevelopment Holdings One, LLC  (Inventure, Mission Development)
  • Architect: LHB Architects
  • Tenant: Quinlivan & Hughes

Project Facts

  • St. Cloud, MN
  • Completed November of 2014
  • Cost: $3,010,000
  • 17,013 square feet

Delivery Methods

  • Design-Build

Team Results

Looking for a new corporate headquarters and more community visibility, Quinlivan & Hughes teamed with BCI and the Inventure Properties/Mission Development Group to find a new downtown location .  Our team identified the old Granite Bowl site on the edge of downtown and worked to come up with a successful redevelopment plan.  Due to the existing site condition, the development was awarded TIF & DEED credits to make the project attainable financially.  BCI successfully demolished the existing building and built the new corporate headquarters for Quinlivan & Hughes with traditional undertones, an efficient floor plan, and opportunities for future growth.  

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