Expert Construction for Medical Facilities 


For years, BCI has learned and developed innovative solutions for the healthcare and medical industries and their construction needs. When working on a medical construction project, a builder must have foundational knowledge and experience for modern construction solutions. All while understanding and maintaining infection control, interim life safety and the general health of patients is vital.

When compared to other construction projects, the building needs of the medical community are quite unique. The builder, contractor, and designer must take into account factors such as medical equipment and infrastructure, ambulatory care and use, staff and patient experience, and many more variables. The core functions to support a medical facility can make a difference in the center’s ability to provide care for its patients. which is why we take great interest in the details of these projects.

In medical construction, one of the main goals is to provide long-term support and stability for the facility and provider. Whether it’s a new ground up campus, an addition to an existing campus, or a key remodel in an existing space, you can have confidence in BCI’s design-build and construction management service delivery. We have worked diligently to earn a positive reputation with hospitals, care centers, specialty providers and other medical based facilities by continually delivering quality construction results.

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