Job description


A Foreman manages and oversees the logistics of construction activities on construction remodels and lead job-site crews. At BCI Construction, Inc. (BCI), Foreman lead our remodels that can range up to $1M, and/or lead crews of production orientated tasks for items we self perform (such as finish carpentry, framing, sheetrock, specialties, demolition, or combination of all) in Central  Minnesota and beyond.  BCI specializes in all commercial construction delivery systems (Design Build, Construction Management, and General Contracting) and leads a team of highly skilled tradesman.  BCI Foreman maintain high standards of professionalism as the represent the company at a front line level.

Job Duties Include:

  • Direct, oversee, and synchronize subcontractors, vendors, etc. to support project schedule delivery and scope of work commitments
  • Create four (4) week schedule “look-ahead,” amongst other processes, to assure sub-contractors are engaged in project execution and delivery
  • Create and preside over weekly job-site construction meetings with sub-contractors to address workforce, QAQC, safety, inspections, changes in scopes of work, deliveries, and other items as project progresses.
  • Ensure sub-contractors and employees have implemented, and are adhering to, project specific safety standards, rules, best practices and are compliant with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s)
  • Complete Safety Audits and participate in the correction of safety infractions, as well as corporate learning, understanding, and communication of such items
  • Perform and oversee project specific Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) practices to ensure project is delivered project specifications and of quality craftsmanship
  • Coordinate required inspections with AHJ’s and client requirement
  • Complete Daily Reports of activities that were scheduled, completed, and unique communications in regards to the project’s success are documented and shared with all project stakeholders.  Upload pictures in project administration software to support and input project conditions
  • Complete daily walk-throughs of the entire site to ensure the site is safe, clean, organized, and representable of our work, our sub-contractors work, and our clients standards
  • Create, track, and follow through Request for Information (RFI’s) and Architect’s Supplemental Information (ASI’s)  to identify missing information, discrepancies in the project documents, and get formal clarification on intent and execution
  • Collaborate with Project Management team ensuring accuracy of submittals, quantities, measurements, amongst other feedback, for products to be installed.
  • Assist Project Manager and/or the Project Coordinator in keeping drawings up to date.  The Foreman is responsible for making sure the contractors are building off the most current project documents.  Coordinate with Project Managers and Project Administrators for upload in to Procore.
  • When appropriate, coordinate formal notices of non-compliance and correction of work with Project Manager to sub-contractors, vendors, etc. Ensure we are adhering to professional and legal standards when communicating these corrections. 
  • Accurately report project information for cost codes, hours, change accounts.

Secondary Duties

  • Assist tracking and procurement of project documents, permits, and pertinent project  information
  • Provide feedback to estimators, project managers, and corporate management about performance of sub-contractors, self-performed work, estimate details, schedule details, injuries, near misses, etc.
  • Assist in review of project documents prior to job start-up to identify accurate scopes or work, missing items or information, and other discrepancies to ensure a successful project occurs
  • Utilize experience to assist in budgeting, estimating, time tracking, bidding, and award of work
  • Attend owner/client meetings with Project Manager to assist in explanation of scheduled work or project issues.

Knowledge, Abilities, & Skill Requirements

  • Successful experience working with earthwork, ground-up construction of buildings, and fit-outs of spaces with various finish materials
  • Ability to read and cross-reference a multitude of project plans and other project documents against work being installed and implemented
  • Ability to balance a multitude of sub-contractors at one (1) time to build an “assembly line” of delivered work to achieve maximum efficiencies
  • Ability to identify, and communication of, conflicts and/or synergies in the construction process
  • Strong, professional communication skills with all project stakeholders (owners, sub-contractors, vendors, professional service parties, AHJ’s, and general public)
  • Ability to speak the English Language competently
  • Ability to show initiative around the project and corporate goals such as:
    – Willingness to learn and change existing process
    – Undertake self-development activities
    – Take responsibilities for project problems and share project success
    – Looks for, and takes advantage of, project opportunities for betterment that do not sacrifice ethical standards
    – Asks for help and seeks advice & guidance
  • Ability to work successfully with a multitude  team members
  • Ability to be an effective communicator, primarily in person and by phone, secondarily through e-mail (information & affirmation) or other project appropriate communications
  • Exemplify strong interpersonal skills that is resolution oriented, ability to maintain confidentiality, good listening, emotional balance, generally optimistic, and willingness to learn and change
  • Ability to maintain organized sites, job-site offices, electronic information, and efficient with time
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs.
  • Ability to sit and safely operate a vehicle for long periods of time
  • Manage project schedules to meet required milestones and dates.  Includes proper notifications to subcontractors who are not providing resources to get the job done in the scheduled timelines.


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Two (2) year degree in Construction Technology or similar (preferred)
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, Administration, or similar (preferred)
  • OSHA 30 Card (preferred)
  • Procore Superintendent Certification (preferred)
  • Microsoft Outlook, Work, Xcel, Project trained or equivalent (preferred)

Working Conditions

Construction sites are relatively unique situations in regards to typical work conditions.  Workers are exposed to cold weather conditions, hot weather conditions, non-level ground, moving mechanical equipment or other workers, high spaces, low spaces, fumes, airborne particles, exposure to shock, etc.  Strict policies and in place for these differing conditions, but employees must adhere to safety policies to protect them against negative impacts of such exposures. 

Compensation & Benefits:

Full-time employees will earn a competitive wage and benefits package. BCI offers employer-sponsored health insurance, 401(k) match up to 4%, PTO, and paid holidays after an introductory period. Additional supplemental insurance plans are also available such as dental, life, vision, accident, and more. Qualified candidates will be eligible for a company cell phone, laptop, and vehicle.

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