Job description

Project Manager

We know you’re not just looking for a great career, you’re looking for a company with a positive culture that will support your personal and professional growth. You will find that with BCI Construction. We operate with a strong sense of purpose and following our core values. We are looking for people to join our team that aligns with our strong culture and values.

Our Core Values

  • Family+Great Careers
  • Do it Well. Do it Right.
  • Hustle Matters
  • Genuine Care
  • Stronger Together

BCI Construction, Inc. is seeking to hire a Project Manager to join our growing team and work in Minnesota. Headquartered out of Sauk Rapids, MN. BCI specializes in Commercial, Medical, and Institutional Construction.


  • Actively collaborate and direct the Project Team to determine and define the scope of work and deliverables for each project.
  • Build and actively manage the budget for each project.
  • Manage and coordinate necessary resources (budgets, materials, equipment, manpower, and subcontractors) throughout the duration of the project. Account for any budgetary impacts or sourcing lead times.
  • Negotiate contracts with external vendors to reach profitable agreements to fit the scope of work and budget.
  • Consistent and frequent communication with key stakeholders regarding project progress, schedule, and budget throughout the duration of the project.
  • Develop and manage client relationships for existing and upcoming work that aligns with BCI’s corporate goals.
  • Build key relationships with vendors and subcontractors to present BCI with more opportunities, competitive proposals, and effective work.
  • Manage Project Teams, Clients, Vendors, and Subcontractors by BCI Core Values.
  • Manage and create project documents including project plans, specifications, shop drawings, and change documents.
  • Attending pre-construction and close-out meetings to disseminate all necessary project documentation.
    • Preconstruction includes the scope of work, project schedule, plans, identifying team members, budgeted hours and coding, safety information, safety requirements, and any other relevant information to support the project team.
    • Close-out includes project contacts, contracts, cost coding, project documentation, logistics, plans, hourly studies, sub-contractor performance, etc.
  • Build and manage project schedules to be delivered on time, per contract and commitments. Follow sequencing to maximize efficiencies and effectiveness. If delays occur, track causes, and corrective actions, and work with the client to redefine an acceptable delivery.
  • Administer change processes per current company standards.
  • Utilize corporate processes for sub-contracts, purchase orders, and project billings, amongst others to effectively manage projects.
  • Identify gaps, shortfalls, overruns, or misses within the project and learn how to implement timely corrective action.
  • Utilize proper notifications regarding non-compliance of performed work, three (3) day notices, Project delays, and other unique issues.
  • Ensure QA/QC processes, such as permit procurement, independent testing, inspections, and reporting, are performed throughout the project.
  • Complete additional duties as assigned and as development progesses.

Knowledge, Skill & Ability:

  • Has demonstrated True Leadership through extensive success leading and managing people from various roles from Owner, Subcontractor, vendor, peers, superior roles, inferior roles, and much more.
  • A strong moral compass (as best represented by our Core Values)
  • Strong communication skills, both formal and informal, to conduct yourself in a professional manner with the ability to understand your audience and venue. This includes how one carries themselves and represents the organization.
  • Desire for continued growth and development.
  • Ability to show initiative around the project and corporate goals such as:
      • Willingness to learn and change existing processes.
      • Undertake self-development activities.
      • Take responsibility for project problems.
      • Sharing of project success
      • Looks for, and takes advantage of, project opportunities for betterment that do not sacrifice ethical standards.
      • Asks for help and seeks advice & guidance.
  • Ability to maintain organization and efficiency with time and resources.
  • Ability to speak the English language competently.
  • Ability to sit and safely operate a vehicle for long periods of time.

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