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Industrial Construction Partnerships: BCI and Metallic Buildings

Nov 18, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As anyone who works in the construction field knows well, a good partnership is the key to success. While our internal skill sets have carried us a long way, the relationships with our customers and our vendors have been key in differentiating our growth over the past ten years. This is no different than our delivery of industrial-based projects throughout the state.   

Our Industrial Project Process 

Our typical industrial projects include warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, and unique processing. We have had the pleasure to work on several industrial projects around Central Minnesota. The construction types for these projects are often pre-engineered metal buildings, pre-cast wall panels, CMU load-bearing systems, and even post and frame projects. To see a few examples of our work and results, visit our industrial portfolio. 

Great construction projects are built on efficiencies. BCI pushes our design process by asking the simple question, “How can our construction make your processes more efficient?” It is a simple notion to consider the client; to dive into their process to understand their workflow and how they make money. 

Sadly, we’ve witnessed this process being missed over and again by our competition. An operation and facility working in unison at its highest efficiency will promote optimal workflow, layout, and design, which will reflect on the bottom line. 

If you decide to work with BCI, we will push you to think about your needs, consider what others are doing, and hopefully engage you to optimize the facility and process. We will strive to “right-size” your needs. If the project finishes unsuccessfully in your mind, we feel unsuccessful.  

BCI and Metallic Building Systems 

When working on an industrial project, one of our important vendor partnerships is with Metallic Building Systems. The company designs and manufactures materials for pre-engineered metal buildings. These buildings are designed to lean standards, yielding cost-effective space. Always reaching for excellence and flexibility, Metallic Buildings achieve superior strength, durability, and design flexibility. 

We have successfully delivered many pre-engineered metal buildings for warehousing, distribution facilities, manufacturing facilities, and unique processing such as the brewing industry. We’ve even designed state-of-the-art medical facilities, fitness spaces, gymnasiums, animal shelters, and a high-end dance studio. The limits are the imagination when it comes to building with steel, and Metallic’s solutions with BCI do not disappoint. 

If you’re looking to learn more about our industrial projects and expert vendors, contact BCI Construction today. 

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