Project Manager


A Project Manager manages and oversees construction projects from a fiduciary, contractual, and administrative leadership position.  There job is to successfully identify the project team, communicate with the project team (Owner, Owner Representative, Project Site Leader, Administration Team, Sub-Contractors, AHJ’s, etc.) through company based process, build and maintain relationships, and successfully deliver the projects on time, on budget, and matching corporate gross profit goals.  At BCI Construction, Inc. (BCI), Project Manager’s will lead ground-up construction, large additions, or complex remodels, basic remodels, and some small maintenance.  Projects range from $10,000 to $25M+ through central Minnesota and beyond.  BCI specializes in all commercial construction delivery systems (Design Build, Construction Management, and General Contracting) and leads a team of highly skilled tradesman.  BCI Project Managers may specialize in one (1) particular delivery system, but we expect them to be able to deliver in all types of delivery systems.  We ask all employees to maintain high standards of professionalism as the represent the company in a positive light.


Primary Duties: 

  • Direct, oversee, and synchronize subcontractors, vendors, professional service suppliers, etc. to support project schedule delivery and scope of work commitments
    • Create acceptable action plans considering all parties should deviations occur
    • Complete project man-power requests
  • Create four (4) week schedule “look-ahead,” amongst other processes, to assure sub-contractors are engaged in project execution and delivery
  • Create and preside over weekly job-site construction meetings with sub-contractors to address workforce, QAQC, safety, inspections, changes in scopes of work, deliveries, and other items as project progresses
  • Ensure sub-contractors and employees have implemented, and are adhering to, project specific safety standards, rules, best practices and are compliant with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s)
  • Complete Safety Audits and participate in the correction of safety infractions, as well as corporate learning, understanding, and communication of such items
  • Perform and oversee project specific Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) practices to ensure project is delivered project specifications and of quality craftsmanship
  • Coordinate required inspections with AHJ’s and client requirement
  • Complete Daily Reports of activities that were scheduled, completed, and unique communications in regards to the project’s success are documented and shared with all project stakeholders. Upload pictures in project administration software to support and input project conditions
  • Complete daily walk-throughs of the entire site to ensure the site is safe, clean, organized, and representable of our work, our sub-contractors work, and our clients standards
  • Create, track, and follow through Request for Information (RFI’s) and Architect’s Supplemental Information (ASI’s) to identify missing information, discrepancies in the project documents, and get formal clarification on intent and execution
    • Includes posting, or redlining, the RFI’s on the As-Built drawings for corporate records
  • Collaborate with Project Management team ensure accuracy of submittals, quantities, measurements, amongst other feedback, for products to be installed
  • Assist Project Manager and/or the Project Coordinator in keeping drawings up to date. The Superintendent is responsible for making sure the contractors are building off the most current project documents.  Coordinate with Project Managers and Project Administrators for upload in to Procore.
  • When appropriate, coordinate formal notices of non-compliance and correction of work with Project Manager to sub-contractors, vendors, etc. Ensure we are adhering to professional and legal standards when communicating these corrections.
  • Accurately report project information for cost codes, hours, change accounts


Reporting Relationships

  • Project Managers report to the particular delivery service manager here at BCI:
    • Public Projects: Director of Project – Public Market
    • Private Projects: President & CEO
  • The Senior Project Manager will have interactions with upper-level management such as the President & Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer
  • The Senior Project Manager will work as a peer with Project Managers, Estimators, and Production Managers, however, will be considered a Senior level employee that will also partake in further company strategy, direction, and plans as assigned



The basic responsibilities of the Senior Project Manager include but are not limited to the following:

  • Direct and supervise activities of each project to achieve performance for quantity and quality of work. This includes on-site training, project scheduling, establishing project goals, and adhering to company and industry standards
  • Thoroughly plan, schedule, and manage all assigned projects to optimize efficiency of labor, material, supplies, equipment and tools, sub-contractors, and Owner supplied equipment and materials
  • Deliver projects on-time, and per schedule and commitments. If delays occur, identify causes, corrective actions and work with the customer to redefine acceptable deliveries
  • Ensure that all projects or contracts are fulfilled to the customer’s satisfaction and the company has earned a fair profit
  • Maintain personal sales goals, performance, execution, and objectives established by the company
  • Implement and support strategies to procure work, deliver sales proposals, follow up on proposals and leads, and utilize past customers for future construction needs
  • Keep informed of new and existing construction codes, technologies, techniques, practices, and safety practices
  • Promote the company image through exercising sound, ethical business practices as they relate to customers, subcontractors, suppliers and the general public. Avoid unnecessary conflicts to promote company efficiency
  • Represent the company favorably in public and support programs through various industry groups, government agencies, charities and volunteer events, etc.
  • Provide quality service and maintain healthy relationships with clients. Deliver information in a timely manner and when commitments were made.  Suggest ways the company and the clients can save money and/or time with out sacrificing quality
  • Ensure company safeguards its assets through proper use of contract documents and practices
  • Utilize your years of experience and knowledge to make expeditious decisions, model efficiency, and promote a healthy, and efficient a business atmosphere
    • Create higher margins for the company
    • Support and promote company procedures and policies. Provide feedback to areas that could be improved
    • Lead by example
  • Act formally as a mentor to individuals when asked to do so. When opportunities arise, act informally as a mentor when individual opportunities arise.



 The basic duties of the Senior Project Manager include but are not limited to the following:

  • Participate in site surveys & walk throughs to identify potential efficiencies and cost savings
  • Hold pre-construction meetings with site leaders, Production Manager, and Manager of Sales and Operations to hand-off all project information. Project information will include scope of work, project schedule, plans, identify team members, budgeted hours, and any other relevant information to support the site leadership team.  Also, a safety meeting is to be had to identify unique and project specific safety requirements
  • Manage all assigned projects within project budget utilizing sub-contracts, purchase orders, and complete project billings and Cost to Complete reports with the Chief Operating Officer through company documentation and identify gross margin on a monthly basis
  • Determine causes for financial negative variances within the project budgets and implement corrective actions as promptly as possible
  • Prepare and monitor change orders to be sure they are accurate and billed in a timely manner
  • Schedule and lead walk throughs after job completion to ensure all construction is installed and completed to the companies specifications and quality standards
  • Schedule, lead, and complete a project close-out meeting with the project estimator and Manager of Sales and Operations identifying issues with bids, unit pricing, recommendations, etc. to become a stronger team
  • Assist forecasting personal, assigned, and open market sales that fit our business model
  • Participate and support company in regards to procurement work as needed. This includes take-offs, reviews, acting in support or captain role, etc.  Projects will be assigned based on capacity, support, and/or client relationships
  • Maintain close contact and working relations with the Production Manager to identify man-power needs and deliver projects on-time
  • Follow all guidelines, policies, and procedures established by the company. If process’ need to be deviated, communicate directly with your Manager with item to decide as a team how it will be handled
  • Complete company issued documentation and reports in an accurate, complete, and timely manner
  • Set and conduct project meetings with the customer and other parties as necessary
  • Acknowledge the customers communications and personally resolve requests, complaints, conflicts, etc. in a timely manner
  • Establish and maintain a cooperative working relationship with BCI employees and all sub-contractors, vendors, and professional service providers
  • Work with professional service providers, contractors, sub-contractors, Owners, Inspectors, etc. to ensure that all applicable governing and company requirements relating to safety, health and environment are strictly adhered to and enforced
  • Complete any additional assignments as directed by the company


Position Requirements

The following physical and mental characteristics shall be considered necessary to perform the duties of Senior Project Manager:

  • Education:
    • Required: High School with trade or college Construction Management schooling
    • Preferred: College Degree in Construction Management or Construction Engineering
  • Experience:
    • A minimum of ten (10) years experience in the commercial construction industry
    • A minimum of five (5) years of Project Management experience in the commercial construction industry
  • The ability to communicate with other employees in English sufficiently to understand and be easily understood.
  • The ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide sufficiently to figure normal carpentry calculations
  • The ability to read, interpret and understand construction contracts, plans, blueprints and specifications
  • The ability to foresee events and anticipate changes in conditions and operations and react to these appropriately
  • The ability to stand or sit for extended periods of time.
  • Working Conditions:
    • Office and field environments
    • Potential for extremes of temperature either hot or cold
  • There may be exposure to danger or hazardous conditions on construction sites
  • Strong software capabilities with the following programs:
    • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Project, & Outlook)
    • PDF suite’s such as Bluebeam by Revu
  • Ability to quickly learn take-off and Database programs such as On Screen Take-off and Masterbuilder by Sage


Knowledge, Abilities, & Skill Requirements:

  • Successful experience working with earthwork, ground-up construction of buildings, and fit-outs of spaces with various finish materials
  • Ability to read and cross-reference a multitude of project plans and other project documents against work being installed and implemented
  • Ability to balance a multitude of sub-contractors at one (1) time to build an “assembly line” of delivered work to achieve maximum efficiencies
  • Ability to identify, and communication of, conflicts and/or synergies in the construction process
  • Strong, professional communication skills with all project stakeholders (owners, sub-contractors, vendors, professional service parties, AHJ’s, and general public)
  • Ability to speak the English Language competently
  • Ability to show initiative around the project and corporate goals such as:
    • Willingness to learn and change existing process
    • Undertake self-development activities
    • Take responsibilities for project problems and share project success
    • Looks for, and takes advantage of, project opportunities for betterment that do not sacrifice ethical standards
    • Asks for help and seeks advice & guidance
  • Ability to work successfully with a multitude team members
  • Ability to be an effective communicator, primarily in person and by phone, secondarily through e-mail (information & affirmation) or other project appropriate communications
  • Exemplify strong interpersonal skills that is resolution oriented, ability to maintain confidentiality, good listening, emotional balance, generally optimistic, and willingness to learn and change
  • Ability to maintain organized sites, job-site offices, electronic information, and efficient with time
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs.
  • Ability to sit and safely operate a vehicle for long periods of time
  • Manage project schedules to meet required milestones and dates. Includes proper notifications to subcontractors who are not providing resources to get the job done in the scheduled timelines.


Download our job application form to apply in person or click the link below to apply online.