Commercial, Historical

Historic 117 5th Ave S


  • Owner: Inventure Properties
  • Design Builder:
    BCI Construction, Inc.
  • Architect: Cole Group Architects

Project Facts

  • St. Cloud, MN
  • Completed 2018
  • Cost: $61,197 – Phase 1
  • Cost: $43,124 – Phase 2
  • $54.14/SF Project Valuation
  • 1,927 square feet

Delivery Methods

  • Design Build

Team Results

The historic Benson Brothers Grocery Store had a second-floor space that was left vacant and essentially empty until the Fifth Ave Live project in downtown St. Cloud recovered this space.  When we first walked upstairs, we were struck by the natural beauty of the space; all interior yellow brick walls, exposed wood framing members, and wood floors through-out.  Once cleaned up with the addition of a bathroom and installation of a coffee unit, we were able to create one of the most unique office spaces in all of St. Cloud. 

BCI completed two (2) projects at the space over a three (3) year window to get the space to what it is today, and the tenant couldn’t be happier.  The space is often used for private parties but primarily is the corporate headquarters for Inventure Properties, a development and real estate firm here in St. Cloud serving Minnesota.

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