• Construction Manager at Risk:
    BCI Construction, Inc.
  • Architect/Designer: R.L. Engebretson

Project Facts

  • St. Cloud, MN
  • Completed 2016
  • 64,000 square feet

Delivery Methods

  • Construction Manager at Risk

Team Results

BCI Construction completed a live remodel of Scheels, St. Cloud Crossroads Mall location in 2016. The project included eight (8) successful phases of retail space opening & closing certain parts of the store to keep it operating during normal business hours.  The scope of work included high-end retail space in all departments, a small commercial kitchen and all necessary supporting space for store operations. BCI worked diligently with the Architect & Scheel’s to complete some pricing requests, helped fit the scope of work within the budget, and ultimately with a group of qualified sub-contractors, and the rest of the BCI Construction team to deliver this beautiful space without interruption.

. . . The BCI construction team has always taken the time to pre-qualify each contractor to make sure they are the best fit, at the best price possible, for our projects. In addition, they are very good at coaching the contractors through schedules, scope of work and building details. This communication skill set combined with forward thinking and planning makes BCI Construction one of the best we have worked with. Scheels continues to choose BCI because of all of these characteristics, however, the number one reason is because we have great relationships with each team we have worked with. The people at BCI Construction are what set them apart from every other contractor in the industry!

Based on the quality of work, positive attitudes, communication skills and level of detailed processes we recommend BCI Construction for any construction project, large or small. . .

Jason R. Loney

Vice President of Store Development, Scheels

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