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Rebranding: The Importance of Our Change

Nov 26, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As we all know, an organization’s branding is important for many reasons. For 22 years, Boser Construction, Inc. has been a part of the Greater St. Cloud market. We began as Carpenters, we learned how to be General Contractors, and now we feel we are Central Minnesota’s Premier Contractor as we deliver commercial projects of all sizes and types.

Our founder did a fantastic job laying the foundation of who Boser Construction, Inc. is today. While we are proud of the Boser Family, today we feel it is time to acknowledge that we are much more. We are a family of fifty people who believe in and rely on this organization. We all believe we can make a difference and we are all pushing the traditional boundaries of general contracting, design-build, and construction management. We are a team of… well, “we.”

Our goal is to pay homage to our history while also acknowledging our future – which leads us to announce that we will be going through a brand and name change from Boser Construction, Inc. to BCI Construction, Inc. This change may seem subtle, but we feel it is impactful.


The (Brief) Foundation of Our Organization

We have had a lot of success in our past here at Boser Construction, Inc (BCI). There are projects all over central Minnesota and in other spots throughout the state that carry our stamp. The foundation of our organization was built here for us and we relied on and believed in it for a long time. While it was not easy, the organization established itself as a real construction company based on one person’s principles that needed careful tending and control.


The Change

We are proud of that history. However, we have begun to talk about things differently. We believe in more offerings, more opportunities, and more sophisticated systems. We believe that not only are we a strong, local contractor, but we are something bigger & better. We believe in leadership. That includes leadership in our marketplace, leadership in our people, and ultimately leadership on important projects. We believe our people (often referenced as “the team”) is the reason our organization is thriving today. Our success does not rely on one individual. We believe in openly talking about our successes & failures in hopes that we can learn from our past. We’ve created a Culture Committee, Safety Committee, and offer large group forums with our Production Meetings and Safety Meetings.

There are a lot of things in which we now believe, and they are bigger than one person. There is innovation, excitement, and opportunity. This kind of change is something we all should be proud of.


What’s happening with our Change?

We feel all of this change is healthy, which is why we think one other change is important; we think it is important that the name of this organization represents that very team in which we believe. Therefore, over the next two years, we will be going through a brand & name change from the historical Boser Construction, Inc. to BCI Construction, Inc. While it may seem subtle & simple, we feel it stands for something as described above. It’s no longer just one person’s name, it is something that represents us all. It reflects the cumulative efforts of our general labor team, our carpenters, site leaders, project management & administration team, as well as our company leaders. It represents that we are proud of our past, but we believe in the opportunity of the future.


What does the acronym “BCI” represent?

Quite literally, the acronym BCI means nothing. It was important, for me especially, that there were no names involved with acronym creation. We are trying to keep the change simple, effective, and we feel it is best to recreate every aspect of our brand & logo. Instead, we are building on the foundation of the organization that was created (the end of an architectural scale, classic & traditional fonts).


What gave you the inspiration to name it BCI and not something different altogether?

We actually drew inspiration from a company called PCL Construction. PCL is one of the largest contractors in North America. This Canadian-based company was started by Earnest Poole in 1906. The companies name was Poole Construction Limited. The company grew and ultimately, he sold the Organization to his employees. The employee-owned company renamed the Organization to PCL Construction as they were going through some of the same changes we were. They wanted to be identified as their own Organization, as well as pay homage to their past.


When will this all change?

As stated above, this will begin to happen now and will take a couple of years to complete. Vehicles, trailers and other large equipment will eventually be branded differently. Shirts, signs, etc. will happen at a faster pace.



In summary, this is a good change that gives credit where credit is due; to our employees. This is something we are doing together. We are not perfect but we are successful. We do offer a great service that rivals the best of Construction Organizations across the state and we have our sights on becoming better and stronger every day.


Ryan Cross, President & CEO
BCI Construction, Inc.

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