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Supporting Women in the Construction Industry

Jul 24, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The construction industry today is dominated by men. Though women make up an estimated 47 percent of the American workforce, just over 10 percent of those working in construction are women. Visit the average construction job site, and the number shrinks further–just one in 100 field workers are women.

With competitive pay, great benefits, and satisfying work, the construction industry is an excellent place for women. At BCI Construction, we proudly welcome anyone looking for an inviting, family-focused workplace and do everything we can to support women in the industry.

Why is the Construction Industry Dominated by Men?

If the construction field offers such viable and beneficial workplace opportunities, why don’t we see more females? The simple answer boils down to preconceived notions and tradition. On the whole, people tend to strive for roles they can see themselves in, and because men have been a dominating factor in construction for decades, they continue to be going forward.

Another reason we don’t see more women in construction is the lack of support. It may be sad to say, but many job sites still feature outdated prejudices that limit a female construction worker. This isn’t just in terms of workplace banter or acceptance, but access to training opportunities, apprenticeships, and promotions.

The educational system might also be playing a factor. High school shop classes are one of the first programs to be cut when a school faces budget restrictions. Educational trends in high schools promote the preparation of college over trade skills. Access to shop classes is limited or sometimes discontinued completely.

How Do Companies Support Women in Construction?

The number one way a company can support women in construction is by offering more opportunities. Here are a few ideas:

  • Support women in apprenticeships.
  • Start a training program.
  • Visit high schools or technical colleges and speak about working in construction.
  • Invite women to join your staff.

Safety is another necessary step in supporting female construction workers. Properly fitting clothing, safety protocols, and trust in your fellow employees are vital for construction workers of any gender. At BCI, we hold a company-wide safety meeting every month. They might include safety equipment use, proper handling of equipment, or machinery use.

Probably the best way to help more women access the construction industry is to focus on company culture. An inclusive working environment that supports all employees and fosters development is the best way to help employees thrive. BCI Construction is especially proud of our company culture. We work every day to empower our employees, put family first, take pride in our craft, and support one another.

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