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The Benefits of Green Building in 2022: Industry Updates in Solar and Natural Energy

Feb 18, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

“Going green” is no longer just a marketing buzzword thrown around to incentivize eco-conscious consumers to purchase. Rather, green building practices and utilizing environmentally friendly practices in your business have become a way of providing tangible benefits to both the company and building.

Ways to Go Green

There are many different ways green practices can be utilized to suit your unique business or workplace needs. Green roofs have become a wonderful way to incorporate vegetation into your architecture, either subtly or as a focal point. Green roofs feature some of the most robust energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions. However, they suffer from severe instillation costs, as well as maintenance and upkeep costs. Another recent trending green building practice is the installation and use of solar panels.

Benefits of Solar Panel Power

Solar panels are a wonderful way to switch your building to renewable energy. Solar panels harness the power of the sun, even far away from the equator in Minnesota. In fact, recent reports have noted that the energy production of solar panels decreases when temperatures are between 87 and 91 degrees. For those of us in Minnesota, this means that installing solar panels on your commercial building can be a money-saving move, as their output is greater in colder environments.

The Cost Benefits of Solar Panel

The energy produced will vary depending upon the number of solar panels you choose to install. Solar panels do come with high initial costs, but these costs are offset by the energy savings they produce. At times, their energy production might even exceed your consumption. When this occurs, you can sell that excess back to the power company. In addition to saving money, going green with solar energy can mean making money.

Tax Benefits of Solar Energy in 2022

Other cost benefits of solar panels include their tax credits. Ten percent of the installation is federally tax deductible. Additionally, solar power systems are property tax exempt while also providing a substantial increase in property value.

Solar Power Installation with BCI Construction

Deciding that solar energy is right for your business and installing it are two different steps. After you have made the smart decision to incorporate solar power into your business, make another smart decision and call BCI construction, a certified solar energy installer, to get your solar panel systems installed correctly.

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