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The Benefits of Prefabrication in Your Construction Projects

Mar 3, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Many established companies in the construction industry use prefabrication methods in one (1) way or another. From roof trusses to flooring systems, pre-cast buildings to Pre-Engineered Metal Building, to modular walls, prefabrication has many benefits that benefit the customer, the construction company, and the environment in many different ways.

Prefabricated construction (or Prefab) uses a variety of components that are made off-site, then transported to a construction site and put together in some shape or form to be assembled more easily in the field. Some prefab systems can be pricey (Pre-cast) and some have almost completely replaced infield production (trusses) because of their low costs. While prefab is not perfect, it is also not a one-size-fits-all construction option. There are many misconceptions about prefab techniques and their delivery. Discover some of the benefits below.

Eco-Friendly Options

Some of the most beneficial side effects of prefabrication are the green building benefits. In traditional construction methods, crews produce more waste and require extra materials than during prefabrication. They also allow for more accurate construction, which also leads to less waste. Since prefab materials are assembled in a separate location, any extra materials are reduced and can be reused or recycled in-house.

Financial Savings 

One of the biggest misconceptions about prefabrication is that it is expensive. The goal of many prefabrication operations, similar to most lean model manufacturing, is to find a quasi-custom solution that drives down costs, schedule, and/or improve efficiency. Prefab companies also tend to benefit from discounts with their extreme buying power, which (hopefully) trickle down to the end user.

Simplified Construction and Added Safety

For many instances, prefab construction takes less than half the time compared to traditional construction processes. The process offers better planning upfront, the ability to avoid weather-related delays, and a quicker construction process. There are also more options to work on multiple areas at one time.

Indoor construction opportunities also offer fewer risks for accidents. A factory-controlled environment prevents construction issues from moisture, environmental hazards, and excess dirt. This helps protect building materials as well as crew members.  

Lastly, crews in the field are forced to versed in many practices and many situations, where prefab companies are more focused on one (1) trade. When it comes to working with unique materials such as concrete where silica dust could impose unique health exposure, folks who specialize tend to be better trained to deal with the hazards regularly. This is one (1) many instances where field production is much more dangerous than a prefab solution assembly.   


Another great benefit of prefab is how easily it can be customized on a per-project basis, which is contrary to common belief. Flexibility is an important feature in construction and the advancements over the past 20 years have greatly increased the flexibility of many prefab systems. 

Now, our limits are changing in this industry. Prefab construction units can be used in different spaces and blend in with almost any building type.

BCI and Prefab Solutions

Construction companies and contractors use prefab in a variety of ways for a variety of benefits. The process offers customers time and cost savings and promotes eco-friendly construction processes. Here at BCI, we are using Pre-Cast and Pre-Engineered Metal Building to deliver some spaces faster to clients. We are also building modular wall systems with DIRTT (Doing-It-Right-This-Time) walls, which are highly customizable and green. 

There are so many ways we can utilize and take advantage of all the items prefab assemblies have for us, and rely on our teams to put those little customizations in regarding design, other construction types, other finishes or materials, and unique twists to give you something that looks, feels, and is tailored to your needs.  

If you would like to learn more about the prefab process and how it can be a part of your next construction project, reach out to the experts at BCI Construction.

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