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The Benefits of Working in the Construction Industry

May 15, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

If there’s an industry that you can bet won’t get beat out by technology or trends, it’s the construction industry. Schools, hospitals, homes, theme parks–every structure needs a team of professionals to get it up and running. These facilities are always going through changes, whether they are growing, shrinking, or renovating their market/facilities. Change is constant and the need for construction will always be constant.

Over the last few years, our industry has seen a major shortage of skilled trade workers. In fact, the average age of a construction worker in the U.S. is 42 years old. Although the construction industry has seen a dip in interest over the last few years, there are a ton of benefits in working in the construction industry. Here is why you should consider a career in the construction industry

Job Security

No matter how technology advances, we will still require skilled trades, superintendents, project managers, architects, planners, designers, engineers, sales individuals, product specialists, and other construction specialists. There is work available in the residential industry, the commercial industry, the industrial industry, and many companies are looking for young people that are willing to work hard, learn, and grow their careers in these unique environments.

Job Satisfaction

It’s a cliché that people who come home feeling the most satisfied at the end of the day often put in the most work. In terms of construction, this is because crews are providing a real solution to a real problem. Construction workers offer tangible work that we can see and feel. It makes for job satisfaction you just won’t find in other industries. Some might call it a good, honest day’s work, but there’s nothing like watching the progress of a construction project and witnessing the direct result of your hard work. Plus, you are rarely doing the same thing every day, all day. It’s a benefit to your mental health to have a variety of tasks in your role.

Stay active

It’s been proven that sitting all day is bad for your health. That’s part of the reason that many companies and work-from-home employees elect to have sit-stand desks as they work. Construction workers, however, will never need to contemplate a workstation that gives them this option. They stay active and stay healthier than they would in jobs that require sitting behind a desk all day. Working with your body all day can be very healthy.

Earn a Good Living

Pay scales do vary based on your experience level, where you live, and even the company you work for. Residential or commercial projects can vary in how much you can earn, but generally speaking, it is common for construction workers to earn a good living. Most can expect $50k+ per year once they gain experience. Overtime pay during the busy seasons is also common and can significantly boost your paycheck. Managers begin to earn substantially more as they become more experienced and can grow to become great business leaders within the community.

Build up Your Career

College debt is a hot topic right now. We still don’t understand how it will affect younger generations and how we will fix the problem, but the construction industry is one area that you can be successful in without taking on a mountain of debt. It is relatively easy to get started, and often you don’t need major schooling or experience to work your way up. Some people do enroll in trade programs or apprenticeships however, you can often do this while you are working or learn on the job. There are a lot of employers who are finding ways to incentivize the education of their employees if they make a commitment to their organization.

Make it a Career

Once you are in the industry, many people choose to stay for their entire career. Companies are doing what they can to make it an attractive career through 401(k) plans, health benefits, competitive amounts of vacation/sick, compensation, and opportunities for growth. We truly feel this industry will offer you what you want if you are willing to work hard, grow from feedback, and keep a positive attitude.

BCI Construction is an incredible place to work and grow a career. Our values include a belief that family is first, but a budding career can exist and develop as well. We offer safe environments through continuing education, training, and identifying the right tool (and the right person) for the right job. Looking to join our team? View our open positions to discover more. 

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