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Tackling Miscommunication Risks on the Construction Site

Nov 8, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Many of the problems and delays that occur on a construction site are due to job site miscommunication. Having a set process for communication and following through with every member of the team is essential in completing projects on time and within budget.

In a previous blog, we talked about the importance of having good communication with your builder and on a construction site. In this post, we’d like to navigate some of the problems that might occur because of poor communication.

Construction Site Confusion

From the project owner to the construction crew working in the field, miscommunication can create major confusion. Communication that leads to site confusion includes inconsistent reporting, delays in project updates, and incomplete direction. All of these issues might lead to a delay in the project schedule or negatively affect the project’s budget.

Limiting confusion on a job site involves delivering timely, consistent information to all team members that need it. Communication should be documented and detailed to avoid misinterpretation or misdirection.

Project Delays and Budget Constraints

Perhaps the costliest effects of miscommunication on a job site are project delays. Delays can result from many forms of miscommunication, such as delivering information to the wrong team members, missing details, or unclear direction. These lead to issues with supplying the job site with the correct materials, worker shortages, or scheduling missteps.

Poor workmanship or improper due diligence can also result from miscommunication. When this occurs, revisions must be made, which may create delays and budget adjustments. Project delays and budgeting issues may lead to disputes, which can create additional delays. A successful construction team must develop an open flow of valuable communication to help identify potential delays, working together to combat them.

Workplace Injuries and Safety Issues

As project delays are top-of-mind for project owners, the safety and welfare of the construction crew are always under consideration for project managers and site foremen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 150,000 people are injured in construction-related accidents each year in the United States. There are many opportunities for workplace accidents in the construction industry. While the nature of the work can set crews up for rough conditions, poor communication can also be the culprit.

Safety communication on a construction site can be broken into a few categories:

  • Missing or a misunderstanding of safety training 
  • Unreported safety hazards
  • Improper recognition of correct practices and safety protocols

Work-related injuries cost construction companies millions of dollars each year and result in the loss of productivity, project delays, and decreased morale. Communicating about safety procedures and continuing safety training is vitally important to our industry. Because we understand this importance, the BCI team hosts regular safety meetings both at our Sauk Rapids location and on the job site. 


On a construction site, real-time communication is the best way to keep everyone involved in a project in the loop. Mistakes can often be avoided with consistent and clear messaging to all involved. To help our staff stay connected, our team uses an app called Procore. It allows us to connect with our clients, give regular updates, and even integrate with other useful apps like Docusign, Zoom, and the Microsoft Office suite.

Aside from the app, we also operate with open communication using email, text messaging, and phone calls—whichever process works best for our clients. The goal in our communication is not to be the most tech-savvy but to open a clear means of communication.

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