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The Importance of Good Communication with Your Builder

Jun 22, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The team at BCI Construction has decades of experience working on construction projects all over Minnesota. We know the ins and outs of our process and have refined them over the years. Our staff has also encountered just about every construction issue, problem, or delay there is. We understand how important it is to keep open and prompt communication with our clients. It’s the key to building (pun intended) a successful relationship.

Starting A New Project

The early communication habits you have with your builder are often a key indicator of their communication style. A quality builder will encourage you to ask questions, define your goals or help you understand them, and welcome any clarification before the project begins. As we get to know a new client, we set clear expectations and inform our clients about our practices.

Of course, every project begins with great strategy, thorough planning, and a clear definition of the details. In the design process, we will complete several clear cost analyses, definitive scopes of work, and a strategy to best execute your project.

For the construction process, we ensure all final documentation is completed, conduct a final bid process, and finalize the necessary sub-contractors before starting. BCI also establishes a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) that prevents unexpected challenges or delays from draining your bank account.

During the Construction Process

Once construction begins, it’s important to directly review the plans we have set. Should an update, project modification, or unforeseen delay disrupt the timeline, it’s necessary to solve these issues as quickly as possible. In a construction project, even seemingly small issues can develop into bigger problems if not properly handled the first time they occur.

Our team uses an app called Procore to connect with our clients, give regular updates, share contracts or contract variations, and much more. The app allows us to connect with clients, architects, designers, and subcontractors from anywhere all in one app. It also integrates with other useful apps, like Docusign, Zoom, and the Microsoft Office suite. We find that it’s a handy tool to communicate the project schedule, maintain submittals and plans, RFI’s, and much more all at the clients’ fingertips. This allows timely updates to our clients and keeps an open flow of communication.

Of course, not everyone prefers the latest tech software. If our clients prefer, we also utilize more traditional forms of communication, such as email, phone calls, text messages, etc. the important point is to keep a means of communication that best works for our clients and their specific project.  

After Project Completion

Once your project is complete, we do not consider our job done! We continue to work with our clients to finalize and documentation, receive final lien waivers from subcontractors and suppliers, and conduct owner orientation and training sessions. Our goal in setting clear communication with clients is to set them up for success in their new space. Even after our finalization processes are through, we schedule a one-year warranty walkthrough.

Clear communication is important for any team setting, but in the construction industry, it can make the difference between a timely project that sticks to its budget and a costly construction headache. The communication practices that BCI utilizes create expectations, practices, and controls that keep projects on schedule, on budget, and mitigates risk.

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