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Construction Career Paths in the Trades

Apr 26, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

For years, finishing college and getting a degree was the most traditional path to success. With rising tuition costs and the career growth of trade labor, this is not always the case. Sure, college can be a leg up to many career paths, but it isn’t required. Careers in the trades–especially construction–can not only help you reach your goals but might be a faster route.   

Types of Skilled Trades

There are many types of trade paths in construction. From general construction and equipment operators to specialized careers like blocksmiths, pipefitters, and tile setters. Rough and finish carpenters are also common career paths in the construction industry since they not only offer career advancement within their fields but between both types of carpentry as well.

As Indeed.com states, “A career in a construction trade offers benefits like steady employment and compensation. Construction trade jobs also typically involve frequent physical activity, which can help employees stay in shape.” There are a ton of benefits to working in construction trades. Many do not require schooling to get started, while others offer a fulfilling career after a worker completes specialized training. 

Postgraduate Work in Construction

College graduates in the construction field have a unique opportunity to utilize their trade knowledge through unique pivots–perhaps even starting their own company or moving the industry on a new trajectory. The career growth potential within the trades is a great career opportunity for those with college degrees as well. 

Specialized trades such as plumbers, electricians, and project management often require advanced degrees. This also implies a faster advancement process and more opportunities to build your career. 

Beginning Your Journey

With the skills you acquire within the construction trades, you will be able to literally ‘build’ your future. View our current open positions and discover how you can begin your journey toward a job or career in the construction trade with BCI Construction.

Ready to build your tomorrow?