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Understanding Sub-Contractors: Roles, Responsibilities, and Construction Site Options

Mar 14, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Construction sites are busy places, with new faces coming and going often. Understanding the various roles of the construction industry, like the difference between a contractor and sub-contractor, is key to ensuring your construction is competently completed.

Different Types of Contractors

There are two types of contractors: general contractors and sub-contractors. General contractors are hired to complete a particular project. From there, the general contractor might choose to employ someone to complete part, or all, of that project—a sub-contractor.

Benefits of General Contractors

General contractors deal with scheduling and ensuring all tasks are completed, so any issues that arise ultimately fall to the general contractor to solve. This ensures that owners have a single point of reference for questions, concerns, or changes.

Benefits of Subcontractors

A benefit of utilizing subcontractors is their mastery of the craft. Hiring a drywaller to install drywall ensures it will get done competently by someone who has experience and skill with the particular task. Some subcontractors, like electricians and plumbers, are especially useful due to their experience with building codes. Having to redo a project due to a code violation can delay a project indefinitely, especially with the busy schedules of today’s contractors. Hiring a subcontractor is always done by the general contractor, so general contractors are responsible for all subcontracted work.

Subcontractor Roles

Subcontractor roles can vary with the project and the needs of the general contractor. In some instances, a subcontractor will have a singular role, and at other times, a subcontractor might have multiple tasks assigned to them. The responsibility of a subcontractor is to complete all tasks assigned by the general contractor correctly and within the specified timeline.

Contracting at BCI Construction

BCI construction has a staff of over 60 people, consisting of both office and field staff, ensuring that your project is completed swiftly and beyond your satisfaction. At times, our field staff are employed as subcontractors for other general contractors that we have built relationships with over our two decades in the construction industry.

Because of our history in the rough and finish carpentry space, this remains a focal point of our knowledge, but we are also able to perform drywalling, steel stud construction, and demolition. We utilize subcontractors for services beyond this and occasionally will subcontract these services depending upon our schedule.

Regardless of whether BCI Construction functions as a general contractor or sub-contractor on your building or renovation project, Owners can be confident they will receive quality, timely services. Learn more on our blog or by contacting our office.

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