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A Commitment to Community

Sep 28, 2022 | Community Giving | 0 comments

In 2017, we went through a significant transformation. Our company was purchased by an ownership group led by employee Ryan Cross; we rebranded as BCI Construction; and we strengthened our focus on our systems, our delivery, our people, and our community.

Our mission became about more than just building an impressive portfolio of projects. It expanded to building something greater than ourselves: a greater team culture; greater relationships with clients and partners; and greater communities where we live, work, and grow.

To put our money where our heart was—and still is—we committed to giving back at least 10% of our net profits to the communities we serve. (That amount has increased to 12% in recent years.) We also took advantage of area volunteer opportunities and supported employees who gave of their time.

Living our why

BCI gives back for two reasons. First, we consider it an honor to do our part. The communities we serve play a vital role in our success. It’s our privilege to reciprocate that support.

Secondly, we consider it our responsibility. If not us, who? We all want our communities to be strong, healthy environments where our children thrive and our friends and families feel safe, supported and able to live their best lives. But, making that happen takes doing…and giving. By focusing less on short-term profits and more on the long-term success of a broader collective, we’re helping to build a brighter and more sustainable future for everyone. What could be more important than that?

These are some of the community organizations we continually support.

Anna Marie’s Alliance
Big Brother’s Big Sisters
Cathedral/Catholic Community Schools
Catholic Charities
CentraCare Foundation

Central MN Habitat for Humanity
GREAT Theatre
Love To Henry Foundation
St. Cloud Area YMCA
Tri-County Humane Society

“BCI has been an unbelievable partner with Anna Marie’s Alliance, not only financially, but they continually advocate for the work we do in the community and consistently promote their support for our organization. Without the support of the community, organizations like ours can’t exist. We are so incredibly grateful for all BCI continues to do for us.”

Lori Eich, Anna Marie’s Alliance

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