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Beginning the Design-Build Process: What You Need to Know

Apr 19, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Beginning a new construction project is difficult enough without knowing which architects, engineers, contractors, specialists, and trade contractors to choose. Even if you are familiar with the construction process, it can be difficult to know where to start, how to get financed, and the timeline you can expect. 

At BCI Construction, we specialize in design-build as our method of construction delivery. One (1) of our main goals is to be a single-source construction solution for a variety of construction projects and clients. 

The Benefits of Choosing a Design-Build Process

There are a lot of reasons to select the design-build delivery process. Design-build is often selected when a project’s budget and schedule are of the utmost importance, though relationships are key as well. 

Because budget and time are key factors, this isn’t to say design Builders are not skilled at building beautiful spaces. Design-builders often have a very sharp eye and are keen on details that consider a building desirable. However, good Design-Builders should traditionally yield to the notion that function outweighs form. 

The design-build process offers clients a single point of contact for both the design and construction phases. In a design-build project, the client has one (1) point of contact responsible for every aspect of the build. This includes initial project comparisons, estimations, architecture, engineering, and organizing contractors or subcontractors. The Design-Build contractor manages and arranges the entire process. 

Utilizing a Team of Professionals

Unlike more traditional construction methods, design phases may overlap and still run smoothly, as all team members collaborate throughout the process. The contractor may also be very savvy in other processes that greatly support the client, such as historical rehabilitation or unique financing processes.  

Many professional service organizations have strong relationships with contractors and understand how they operate. This offers them an understanding of the contractor’s delivery, consistency, and approach. These relationships offer value to the client in regards to speed, motivation, and much more.  

At BCI, we value our Professional Service Industry teams which include local firms, large and small. We identify the best fit, capability, and experience with each opportunity.  

Choosing a Design-Build Contractor

When deciding on a design-build team, you should ask plenty of questions. Be prepared to include any inquiries you might have for a contractor, architect, designer, engineer, or specific trade contractor. Ask about other subcontractors or vendors that the company may work with to make sure they are of the same quality and will execute your vision for the project. 

Identify the person you will speak with regularly. Get an idea of when your project can begin design or construction and when you can expect to move in. Instead of asking for a budget, ask for information on similar projects. You might also ask to speak with past clients or ask for tours of past projects to see their work first-hand.  

The biggest key with Design-Build delivery will revolve around a world of trust, understanding, and knowledge. If you are not feeling all of these things align as you select this group, you may need to reconsider. The facility you are constructing should be considerate of your business and operations, your clients, and your present and future employees.  

Once you have an understanding of the design-build contractor and a respectable idea of your goals, you are ready to decide on who your contractor should be.  

The BCI Design-Build Process

Introductions and Concepts

At BCI, we start with a consultatory role discussing projects we have completed, total construction costs, unique situations, and many other tools. Then, we begin the process of programming, site selection, and onboarding our professional team. Once we have that team identified, we move from thoughts to the concept, which yields a simple but crucial schematic design.  

Estimates and Planning

Next, we complete our 100% open-book Preliminary Estimate and Preliminary Scope of work. This estimate is built with multiple supporting teams–from BCI staff to third-party contractors and vendors for the best possible accuracy.  

Once we get through the Preliminary Estimate and Preliminary Scope of work, it is time for feedback on costs, goals, alignment, and more to calibrate the plan. Once we get on the same page as a team, we then move into the next steps of Design Development, Construction Drawings, and Issued for Construction Drawings (IFC’s). 

Finalizing and Project Construction

Once we have completed IFC’s, we can procure final pricing with as many, or as few, groups identified with the client. Once that is finalized, we execute our final agreement and build the project.  

We strive to be great partners, resources, and leaders. If you are looking for a company that is motivated, has decades of experience, is expert planners and coordinator, has keen attention to detail, and genuine passion, BCI Construction is ready to help bring your space to life. Contact BCI Construction to get started on your Design-Build project. 

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