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Unique Building Locations and Historic Spaces in Modern Construction

Dec 6, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Construction and interior design trends such as industrial design have been around for many years. Being able to create an authentic space from a unique or historic building can be challenging if the builder does not have experience working in these types of areas.

Creating a space that is also functional is much more than renovating a historic building to its former glory. It takes understanding the needs for the space as well as what it can support. This post will look over the challenges and essential factors to consider when undertaking a unique construction space.

Green Building Practices

For many years, sustainable building practices have been a vital consideration in the construction industry. Sustainability in construction means using sustainable building materials, efficient building methods, and promoting energy efficiency throughout the life of the building. Creating healthy building spaces is essential in building a space for a modern workforce.

Older buildings and unconventional spaces sometimes present a challenge in updating older building materials. Having an experienced builder in your corner can make a major difference.

Personalization, Safety, and Accessibility

Comfort Needs

When creating a functional space in a unique environment, it is essential to consider the needs and comforts of the building. These include space use, temperature, sound control, or lighting levels. Indoor air quality is another important consideration, especially when transforming a historic space for modern uses.

Security Measures

Fitting a unique or historic space with modern safety and security measures is necessary for many construction projects. These steps might include monitoring, keyless or key fob entry, safety alerts, etc. While these are sometimes simple steps in a modern new construction project, these can be more difficult in a nontraditional space.

Supporting Modern Workflows

Many companies are looking for new, modernized meeting and working spaces. This might include flex spaces, standing workstations, and spaces that facilitate group collaboration. Seamlessly integrating these options can be much more difficult in a historical space and must be approached with creative solutions in mind.

At BCI Construction, we understand that historical construction and unique spaces bring unique challenges. They also create some of the most beautiful and memorable projects that we have enjoyed bringing to life. Want to learn more? Contact our dedicated team to learn more about what we can do for your space.

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