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Brewery Construction: Boser, Lupulin, & Urban Lodge

Feb 13, 2018 | Commercial | 0 comments

BCI has constructed two breweries here in Minnesota. We have also had a lot of insight and conversations in regards to spatial, design, and financing with several other brewers and breweries around the state of Minnesota.

The two groups we have constructed for are Lupulin Brewery in Big Lake, MN and Urban Lodge Brewery and Restaurant in Sauk Rapids, MN.

We learned a lot in those build-outs and provided value to both groups. These projects take time, a lot of coordination, and trust from owner to contractor and contractor to subcontractors. Our team had successes in many areas of layout & design, future planning, financing, site selection, and civic approvals.

Naturally, a lot of R & D is required for such an endeavor. Site tours were a must (and thoroughly enjoyed by all). We have witnessed many different layouts, systems, partnerships, and plans that all work for varying reasons. Because of this, we will be great partners in your quest for making great beer for the masses to enjoy.


Deep Dive: The Construction of Lupulin Brewery

Jeff Zierdt and Matt Schiller are co-owners of Lupulin Brewing in Big Lake and started brewing together in their own garages. When first considering moving into a Brew House, they talked to friends and family about how to move, where to buy land, etc. Within a week, three separate people told them, “You should talk to Boser Construction.”

Lupulin was the first brewery BCI built. The Lupulin team gave the BCI crew a “crash-course in brewing” so BCI could better assist the design process. This process was covered over many evenings with pizza and beer getting some design credit. Elaborate conversations of piping, boilers, fermenters, and brite tanks (amongst other things) were all had. We broke ground on the future home Lupulin’ s Tap Room and Headquarters after going through all the civic processes, design processes, specifications, etc. over the course of six months.

This collaborative effort lead to one of Minnesota’s most sought-after Tap Rooms. With all the success, Lupulin continues to grow through several other small projects including additional fermentation and brite tanks, increased walk-in cooler spaces, racking upgrades, a canning line, and discussions of an expansion. For these projects, Lupulin has returned to hire Boser Construction. We are humbled, honored, and excited to be a part of their success.


Deep Dive: The Construction of Urban Lodge Brewery & Restaurant

Roy Dodds is a local entrepreneur in Sauk Rapids and is well known in the area. Roy was successful in his first endeavor in Sauk Rapids, MN called Flying Pig Pizza. Roy had visions – even prior to Flying Pig – of a restaurant and pub-style establishment. After years of thinking about it, he decided to start looking for a construction partner.

It just so happened that BCI’s favorite pizza was made by Flying Pig. Roy approached the BCI folks and began putting together plans for an elaborate restaurant and brew pub.  We focused originally on a ground-up model that overlooked the Mississippi River in downtown Sauk Rapids. However, after two years of pursuing this option, construction costs, equipment costs, and tough site conditions ultimately made this project too expensive to pursue.

Once a building came for sale near the proposed project, the team quickly reconvened and put together a plan; a pretty radical plan. The plan essentially gutted the entire building, installing a three-stop elevator and new kitchen, remodeling the existing façade, and refinishing just about everything. The results were even better than Roy originally planned.

Urban Lodge features a rooftop patio overlooking downtown, a large dining room, and a unique communal area for games & viewing of the brew system. Roy still makes that same great pizza today, but his ten-barrel brewing system and fast-casual restaurant now steal the show.


Since these two projects, Boser has had many other brewery design and construction gigs. To learn more about our experience, read our blog: Brewing & Construction: What’s so Unique?


No matter what you are building, remember it’s just as important to have fun. We also recommend leaving room for beer and pizza meetings.

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