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2018 Summer Institutional Projects: Public Schools and Public Facilities

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Boser Construction, Inc (BCI) is currently working as Construction Manager on a number of Institutional Projects around Central Minnesota. These Projects include many of our local Public Schools and Public Facilities.

Learn more about each of these projects below:

Anoka High School

The Project consists of three building additions, totaling around 49,000 square feet – 9,300 of which are interior alterations. This Project includes new construction and remodeling, including:

  • Fire alarm upgrades
  • PA/intercom upgrades
  • Clock system upgrades
  • Site lighting replacement
  • Electronic door hardware
  • Water heater replacement
  • Wood gym floor
  • Marley dance room floor

Apollo High School

Complete mechanical system modifications and improvements are currently underway at Apollo High School. These include new heating and cooling plants, new air handling units, associated duct distribution, mechanical piping, electrical distribution and associated general construction. BCI is assisting the institution in replacing selected exterior storefront windows and select domestic water piping. We are also involved in duct cleaning in certain areas. The work throughout the building is phased over two Summers in 2017 and 2018.

Chisago Lakes Community Center

This Project will consist of constructing a building addition onto the High School and a revised parking lot for the High School. Supporting infrastructure for the improvements include a water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and drainage facilities, parking lots, driveways, and walkways. There are wetlands on the site, but not in the area of the proposed improvements. Work includes installation of sediment control devices, rough and finish grading, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, curbs, gutters, pavements, walks, fencing, retaining walls, and other miscellaneous site improvements.

Litchfield Civic Arena

BCI is set to complete construction of the Civic Arena Building Addition improvements. These additions will include removal of bituminous pavement, concrete, sidewalk and driveways, pipe and other miscellaneous items. Other tasks include:

  • Building construction
  • Water service construction
  • Concrete sidewalk and driveway pavement construction
  • Bituminous parking lot construction
  • Turf restoration and erosion control construction

North View Middle School

The Architectural portion of this project includes tiling over existing tile in corridors in part of the building, door replacements, locker painting, ceiling replacement (in large areas), floor and wall finishes and casework replacement in classrooms. It also includes demolishing an existing sloped floor and replacing it with a flat floor in one classroom, new mechanical rooms within the existing building, and new exterior louvers to support the mechanical work.

The Mechanical portion of this Project includes a new hot water boiler plant, new chiller, air handling unit replacement, new ductwork, new air terminal units, new pumps, new hydronic distribution piping, domestic water piping replacement, and fire sprinkler system modifications.

The Electrical portion of this project includes electrical work associated with new mechanical units, new classroom and corridor lighting, and a new fire alarm system.

Pequot Lakes Maintenance Garage

The Project involves general, civil, mechanical, and electrical work for the construction of an 8,736 square foot wood framed and pre-engineered timber column building housing the City of Pequot Lakes Maintenance Department. Construction will include a 7,776 square foot timber column garage area with poured concrete column footing pads, concrete slab-on-grade floor, and two overhead doors.

An attached 960 square foot office area will include wood stud framed exterior metal panel walls, a standing seam metal roof, wood truss rafters and wood stud drywall partitions. The HVAC system will be gas-fired forced air and gas-fired in-slab heat. Water and sewer systems are to connect to city services.

Electrical work will include lighting, power and communications material and installation. A new electrical service, powered by Minnesota Power-Allete, will be installed to facilitate the electrical work.

Prairie View Elementary & Middle School

BCI’s scope of work Includes many projects, improvements, and additions to Prairie View Elementary and Middle School:

  • Selective Demolition
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Carpentry
  • Shop Fabricated Roof Trusses
  • Architectural Woodwork
  • Solid Surface Fabrications
  • Expansion Control
  • Visual Display Boards
  • Display Cases
  • Signage
  • Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions
  • Wall Surface Protection Systems
  • Toilet Accessories
  • Fire Protection Specialties
  • Solid Plastic Lockers
  • Gymnasium Equipment
  • Roller Window Shade
  • Plastic Laminate Casework and Science Casework / Equipment
  • Steel Doors and Frames
  • Wood Doors
  • Finish Hardware

Princeton Primary Elementary School

BCI will be assisting Princeton Primary Elementary School in converting some of their Flex Rooms into Classrooms. Select demolition, steel stud framing, drywall, taping, and painting will be included in the project. BCI will also install door frames and windows, along with hardware, marker boards, tack boards and casework in the new classrooms.

St. Mary’s School Cafeteria

St. Mary’s Catholic School is looking to build an approximate 5,225 square foot multi-function addition to their existing facility. The project will consist of a multi-function space, commercial kitchen, dishes space, hallway and toilet facilities. BCI will support the School and the Architectural Team through the schematic, design development, construction document review, and pricing exercises throughout the “pre-construction” phase.

St. Michael – Albertville High School

The scope of work for BCI on the St. Michael – Albertville High School will include:

  • Demolition
  • Carpentry
  • Prefinished Architectural Panels
  • Hollow Metal Doors & Frames
  • Wood Doors
  • Finish Hardware & Weather Stripping
  • Terrazzo Repair
  • Miscellaneous Specialties (materials and labor)
  • Toilet & Bath Accessories
  • Fire Fighting Devices

St. Cloud Technical High School

The scope of work for St. Cloud Technical High School includes:

  • Architectural wood casework, wood veneer paneling, countertops, PLAM countertops, installation of backing in walls, and wood laboratory casework
  • Rough carpentry, framing for doors, window, and roof openings
  • Subflooring, fire retardant treated wood materials, miscellaneous framing, and sheathing
  • Communications and electrical room mounting boards
  • Finish carpentry, wall caps, wood treads, wood handrails, expansion joint cover assemblies, hollow metal doors and frames, flush wood doors, access doors, and panels, coiling counter doors, and hardware
  • Mirrors, wall and corner guards, toilet and bath accessories, folding panel partitions, plastic toilet compartments, signage, visual display boards, flexible strip door, loading dock bumpers and levelers, and window shades

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