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The Benefits of Technology in the Construction Field

Oct 22, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Over the last few decades, technology has reshaped the construction industry. The importance of technology in the field is no longer optional to a construction team, but a pivotal addition. New tech features and software have changed response and approval time, helping projects progress faster than ever before.

Technology Uses in the Field

There are plenty of options and different levels of adaptation of technology in our industry. For BCI Construction, our field leaders are equipped with an iPad, laptop, printer, smartphone, and various software programs and applications that allow them real-time communication with all parties involved in a construction project.

Procore Construction Management Software

One such application we use at BCI is called Procore. It allows our clients and all members of our team to view the plans and specifications, project team info, daily onsite images, and more. We can collectively make adaptations to the construction plans as needed, update clients on project changes, and communicate with the entire team. Documents like project specifications and punch list items can easily be added and shared with our team as well.

Drone Use in Construction

More and more construction companies use drones to capture footage and take photos or videos of construction projects. Drones are an easy and efficient way to gather visuals on the progress of a project or capture aerial images. Some companies might also use drone footage for topographical mapping, surveys, remote monitoring, and much more. BCI Construction owns our own drone and we also have a few team members certified and licensed to operate the drone.

Safety and Training

Another area of the construction industry that has rapidly developed is in best safety practices and training in new employees. Transparency, proper equipment training, and daily logging of all onsite activity. Modern and well-maintained safety and protection equipment as well as new wearable measures are key features for construction safety. Items like smart clothing, safety equipment reminders, and even biometrics are exciting new advancements to our industry.

As technology in the construction industry progresses, BCI Construction is dedicated to providing the best possible services to our clients. Speed, accuracy, and budget are always at top-of-mind, and any tools and new features that help us complete projects with the best results are directly tied to our passion for our work.

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